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About Us

If you find this site and you know any pub or club owners or entertainers - point them in this direction.

I'm Al, I work most weekend nights with my partner, Joanie. We do shows and cabaret all over Scotland. Offering Adele, 80's and Pop Party nights, we can tailor our three great shows to suit any venue or night out.

My bit is to carry heavy equipment and drive Joanie around. I also mix the sound and do the lights... Keeps me out of trouble...

Because of this, when it comes to a weekend where we have a night off, I like to find an act doing a similar job, and watch them. With luck I will pick up some tips on the equipment side and Joanie gets to see what they put into their performance, we get a good blether and both get entertained.....

We are down to earth, everyday folk who would like to see pub entertainment improved and customer numbers increased. Our advice and help is free, so give us a call or e-mail.